ReVibe Group is a strong proponent of an environment where everyone can develop their curiosities, creativity, communication and critical thinking skills through facilitated sessions and conversations. In essence, strategy is a collaborative effort that demands a strong vision and leadership that understands planning as an opportunity for learning and growth. ReVibe Group supports positive progress and learning through rich work experience, including an appreciation for cultural diversity and a demonstrated spirit of collaboration. RG strives to build bridges between all people, using proven practices, diverse input, and a growth mindset.

We help clients address their toughest challenges using appreciative inquiry to facilitate the exploration and development of strategic opportunities and processes through Strategic Consultation, Planning, and Evaluation; Professional & Personal Coaching; Leadership Development & Advancement; and organizational Behavior Analysis.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) involves the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a person’s or system’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential. By employing the Appreciative Inquiry approach – we discover the current state, dream of a future existence, design a sustainable strategy, and deliver the initiatives to assess, measure, and reengage the approach.

Our exclusive cadre of expertise includes applications in both public and private sector, non-government organizations such as public and private higher education, statewide and other large-scale systems, and healthcare institutions. Our team helps connect humanity and innovation. Fortified by integrity, our value-adding insights provide opportunities for organizational and personal reflection.


Deliver rigorous, reliable, and practical strategies to enhance and expose potential.


ReVibe Group will transform abilities into positive, progressive possibilities.


ReVibe Group’s core values are central to our success:


We constantly explore, evaluate and pursue innovative practices and opportunities.


We conduct ourselves in an ethical and respectful manner.


We are passionate about our commitment to our relationships.


We strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve through continuous improvement.


We manage the resources entrusted to us in a responsible manner.

Intellectual Humility

We engage clients with the belief that respect is a right.


We welcome and respect diversity, acknowledging both its realities and strengths.

ReVibe Group stands ready to provide the strategy and consulting support you need to navigate this reinvention journey. We bring functional and industry expertise, unparalleled insights, actionable recommendations, resolute commitment and the know-how to enhance humanistic values. We manage complexity, continuity, and civility.

Dr. Jackie Gill Powell

A leader with over 20 years of varied strategic leading and training experience, Dr. Gill Powell enjoys working with individuals and entities that are culturally competent, accessible, innovative, and consistently focused on continuous improvement, process efficiency and community partnerships. She leans toward embracing the future with vision, open inquiry, a respect for history, and a passion for innovation. 

To foster the potential for success of clients, she offers an unrelenting commitment to invest her time and energy toward sustaining and nurturing a harmonious culture and community that empowers people and transforms communities.

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Our Story

ReVibe Group is a transformational story in that it was founded on the principles of change and hope and strives to reinvigorate, reestablish, and reconnect individuals or entities so that they could fully realize their potential currently and be put in a position for future growth and development. Consistently, a strong supporter of human centered strategies, strengths, and successes, RG has been at the forefront of encouraging and developing programs that meet human, social, and business needs.

We lean toward embracing the future with vision, open inquiry, a respect for history, and a passion for innovation. To foster the potential for success of every constituent, RG offers an unrelenting commitment to invest our time and energy toward sustaining and nurturing a culture and community that empowers people and transforms lives.

“To Bring About Change, You Must Not Be Afraid to Take the First Step. We Will Fail When We Fail to Try.” - Rosa Parks

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