Founder and CEO

Dr. Jackie Gill Powell

A leader with over 20 years of varied strategic leading and training experience, Dr. Gill Powell enjoys working with individuals and entities that are culturally competent, accessible, innovative, and consistently focused on continuous improvement, process efficiency and community partnerships. She leans toward embracing the future with vision, open inquiry, a respect for history, and a passion for innovation. To foster the potential for success for clients, she offers an unrelenting commitment to invest her time and energy toward sustaining and nurturing a harmonious culture and community that empowers people and transforms communities.

Jackie’s history has afforded her many opportunities to learn, lead, and leverage her talents in many ways. She believes an individual’s influence in an organization comes not from one’s position but from valuing all roles in the organization and serving those whom one leads in a way that better empowers them to fulfill their stewardship. Jacqueline’s educational background and career experiences, coupled with her unique ability to connect with people's passions, were a good match for coaching, strategizing, and visioning. Thus, there is a desire to launch into consulting and coaching through the formation of the ReVibe Group.

“To Bring About Change, You Must Not Be Afraid to Take the First Step. We Will Fail When We Fail to Try.” - Rosa Parks

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